Welcoming A New Era of Drug Development

Shifting paradigms in an industry overdue for change

Is it possible to curb drug development costs while incentivizing innovation? For President and CEO of TRACON Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Charles Theuer, the answer is unequivocally, yes. His company’s Product Development Platform streamlines drug development to allow decreased time to market at reduced cost, while also harnessing global drug innovation for the benefit of patients globally. Now he’s written the book on what the future holds for drug development.

Dr. Charles Theuer

TRACON Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Charles Theuer’s work proposes a streamlined drug development and partnering model, to quicken the pace and lower the cost of drug development, increase the value proposition for innovating partner pharmaceutical companies, while also benefiting patients most in need of new drug treatments. From his time as a surgeon to the research he oversees to this day, Dr. Theuer’s career has been dedicated to creating better outcomes for patients.

Dr. Charles Theuer
Unnecessary Expense Book Cover

Unnecessary Expense: An Antidote to the Billion Dollar Drug Problem

With Unnecessary Expense, medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology expert, Dr. Charles Theuer details a new drug development paradigm that is reshaping the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Without compromising quality, Dr. Theuer guides readers through the streamlined product development platform (PDP) used by his company TRACON Pharmaceuticals to lower the cost and increase the speed of drug development while harnessing global innovation to benefit patients throughout the world.

There is a new paradigm shift underway, an innovative drug development strategy that decreases drug development costs and shortens the time needed to test new drug candidates, while maintaining the rigor necessary to secure FDA approval.


TRACON Pharmaceuticals’ President and CEO, Dr. Charles Theuer is a leading voice transforming drug development. Dr. Theuer and TRACON Pharmaceuticals have developed a Product Development Platform to harness global drug innovation rapidly and inexpensively for the benefit of patients without good treatment options.