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Incentivizing a Better Future for Drug Development

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Unnecessary Expense: An Antidote to the Billion Dollar Drug Problem

Drug costs in America are a well-known problem. The cost spent to approve each new drug is estimated to be $2 billion, a cost that companies must offset with premium pricing. However, what many don’t realize is that drug development costs aren’t fixed, and that there is a more efficient, cost-effective way to develop life-transforming drugs.

With Unnecessary Expense, medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology expert, Dr. Charles Theuer details a new paradigm that is reshaping the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Without compromising quality or innovation, Dr. Theuer guides readers through the streamlined Product Development Platform used by his company TRACON Pharmaceuticals.

Told through Dr. Theuer’s experience as a cancer surgeon, time spent in Big Pharma, and leading TRACON Pharmaceuticals, Unnecessary Expense is a roadmap that obviates the misalignment inherent in drug development done through contract research organizations. TRACON’s Product Development Platform is an aligned model of drug development that lowers the cost and time of drug development and allows for aligned profit share collaborations that benefit innovative partner companies and produces better outcomes for key stakeholders, including patients without good treatment options.

In an industry long overdue for change, Dr. Theuer’s book and company, TRACON Pharmaceuticals, provide a model to achieve economic success.

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